전북대학교 인수공통전염병연구소 진균시스템생물학연구실


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Welcome to Prof. Lee's Fungal Systems Biology Laboratory

The research focus of the Fungal Systems Biology Laboratory is to explore novel diagnostic and treatment strategies for fungal pathogens. This is achieved by delving into the genetic aspects of fungal pathogens and gaining insights into the principles governing host-pathogen interactions. 

진균시스템생물학 연구실은 진균 병원체의 유전적 수준에 대한 통찰력을 바탕으로 숙주-병원체 상호 작용의 원리를 이해함으로써 진균 병원체를 진단하고 치료하는 새로운 방법을 발견하는 연구를 진행합니다. <연구 분야 안내>

Core Techniques

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Recruitment for student researchers is open. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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See our papers on fungal pathogens. We are comprehensively studying everything from the fundamentals of how fungi causes disease to how to control and diagnose it.

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